Wed Jul 17 2019

Class 1 Topics - Spring 2015

I would like to take this opportunity to share the topics Class 1 will be covering over the spring term.  Our current whole class topic is ‘Traditional Tales’.

Communication and Language (Reception)/ Literacy (Year 1)

The children will have lots of opportunities to listen to others and show understanding in show and tell, in the listening corner, listening to stories daily, learning songs and rhymes and taking part in role play. The Year 1s will be focusing on traditional tales which will lead to opportunities   for speaking and listening, role play, reading and writing.

Physical Development (Reception)/Physical Education (Year 1)

PE lessons are on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. The first half term the children will only require their indoor PE kit as we will be exploring gymnastic skills in the hall, such as, balances, jumps, turns and different ways of moving. The second half term the children will be learning skills and playing simple invasion games. We will try to get outside as much as possible, so please ensure the children have suitable clothing.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (Reception)/PSHE (Year 1)

PSHE is embedded in everything the children do on a daily basis. The focus this term is that the children will be learning about each other and themselves. They will explore how to work and play with others, recognise how their actions affect others and offer solutions to problems. They will learn about respect for themselves and others.  It is the aim for the children to grow in self-confidence and develop their ability to express their own needs and feelings whilst having some understanding of the needs of others.


In the first half term the children will be learning about a wide range of traditional tales and nursery rhymes. The second half term the Year 1 will be writing non-chronological reports about plants and investigating a range of poetry. All children take part in daily Letters and Sounds activities. 

Mathematics Numeracy (Reception)/ Numeracy (Year 1)

The Reception children will be counting in 1s, 2s, and 5s, ordering numbers, and adding or taking away from a number. The focus will be numbers up to 30.  We will be looking at 2D and 3D shapes, money, time and measuring.  The Year 1 children will be looking at basic number and learning some mathematical vocabulary. They will have lots of opportunities to use practical equipment to solve problems and they will also be looking at patterns and relationships between different aspects of mathematics.

Expressive arts and design (Reception):

The children will be continuing to explore and experiment with different media and materials, and will be encouraged to use their imaginations in different ways; crafts, music, dance, role play and stories.

(Music Year 1) The children will be exploring long and short sounds.

(Design Technology Year 1) The children will be designing and making a T-shirt for a teddy.

(Art Year 1) After half term the children will be looking at building designs and architecture.

Understanding of the World (Reception):

The children will be given opportunities to grow and observe plants, discussing changes and why  things happen. They will continue to explore the class computer, digital camera and cd/tape player.

(Year 1 Science)  The children will be learning about and planting plants.

(Year 1 Computing) The children will be shown how to take photographs digitally and how to upload them to create stored digital content and make a collage using ICT.

(Year 1 Geography) The children will be exploring their school environment and Denver village. If you have any resources that we could use in Class 1 – local maps, photographs of Denver, leaflets about local places in the village – they will be greatly appreciated.

(Year 1 History) In the second half of the term the children will explore life in their own childhood and that of their grandparents – exploring the differences and similarities.   Again if you have any resources that we could use for a display in the classroom for the term – we are looking for artefacts from grandparents childhood.

(Year 1 Religious Education) The children will be learning about the life of Jesus as an adult and looking at famous Christians.


Drinks money:

Please try to send in your child’s drinks money in an envelope with your child’s name on at the beginning of the week as this avoids confusion.

Naming Clothing:

It is now the time that labels start to come off clothing so please continue to ensure all your children’s clothing is named as it makes it easier to match the clothing to the child at the end of the school day.


The children have done really well learning their phonics and most children are now moving onto taking home word pots and reading books. For those children reading please aim to support your child with their reading each day as this will greatly help develop their confidence and enjoyment of reading. 


The year 1 children are doing well learning their spellings and I am pleased to see the effort they are putting in to learning them at home. The spelling test has now moved to Tuesday.

 Slide and play equipment:

Due to health and safety reasons, please do not allow your children to play on the slide in the outdoor area, or on the equipment in the larger playground, while dropping them off or picking them up. For insurance purposes, children are only allowed to use the equipment during school hours!

 Picking up after school:

If someone other than the usual person will be picking up your child after school, please do let one of us know.

 If you would like to talk to us….

We like to keep in touch with you, so if you would like a quick chat when you pick your child up please come and find us. Alternatively if you would like a longer appointment please arrange that with us.

We have had a great first term in Class 1 and we  look forward to working with you and your children in the following terms.