Mon Jul 22 2019

Class 1 Topics - Spring 2017

Here are the topics Class 1 will be covering over the spring term. 

Communication and Language (Reception)
The children will have lots of opportunities to listen to others and show understanding in show and tell, in the listening corner, listening to stories daily, learning songs and rhymes and taking part in role play.  The children will be invited to share their WOW post-its from home with the class. All the children will be getting prepared for their Easter performance which will be held at St Mary’s church.
Physical Development (Reception)/Physical Education (Year 1)
PE lessons are on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. The first half term the children will only require their indoor PE kit as we will be exploring gymnastic skills in the hall, such as, balances, jumps, turns and different ways of moving. The second half term the children will be learning skills and playing simple partner games. At the end of the term the children will take part in the KS1 Intra-Schools Multi Skills Competition
Personal, Social and Emotional Development (Reception)/PSHE (Year 1)
PSHE is embedded in everything the children do on a daily basis. The focus this term is that the children will be learning about each other and themselves. They will explore how to work and play with others, recognise how their actions affect others and offer solutions to problems. They will learn about respect for themselves and others.  It is the aim for the children to grow in self-confidence and develop their ability to express their own needs and feelings whilst having some understanding of the needs of others.
In the first half term the children will be exploring features of non-fiction books and then they will create their own non-fiction books about Denver. The second half term the Year 1 will be writing a story in the style of the We’re Going on a Bear Hunt book. All children will continue to take part in daily Letters and Sounds activities. 
Mathematics Numeracy (Reception)/ Numeracy (Year 1)
The Reception children will be practising counting daily and ordering numbers. They will be estimating amounts and checking the answer with counting. They will be looking at one more and one less.  They will find the total number of items in two groups by counting them. They will be ordering items by weight, height, length and capacity. They will be looking at 2D and 3D shapes, exploring patterns and solving problems.  The Year 1 children will be learning about time, money, measure and geometry. After half term, the focus will be on fractions. The children will continue to learn the four basic operations and use these for problem solving. Children count reliably with numbers 1 to 20
Expressive arts and design (Reception):
The children will be continuing to explore and experiment with different media and materials, and will be encouraged to use their imaginations in different ways; crafts, music, dance, role play and stories.
(Music Year 1) The children will be exploring long and short sounds.
(Design Technology Year 1) The children will be designing and making a T-shirt for a teddy. Miss Jackson will be coming in to extend the children’s experience with textiles. The children will be making and decorating an item of clothing within small groups.
(Art Year 1) After half term the children will be looking at building designs and architecture.
Understanding of the World (Reception):
The children will be given opportunities to grow and observe plants, discussing changes and why things happen. They will continue to explore the class computer, digital camera and cd/tape player.
(Year 1 Science)  In the first half term the children will be investigating everyday materials, learning about their properties and exploring their uses.  In the second half term the children will be planting seeds and the plants develop and grow.
(Year 1 Computing) The children will be shown how to take photographs digitally and how to upload them to create stored digital content and make a collage using ICT.
(Year 1 Geography) The children will be exploring their school environment and Denver village.
(Year 1 History) The children will explore life in their own childhood and that of their grandparents – exploring the differences and similarities.   They will also be visiting Norwich Castle to explore dolls houses in different eras.
(Year 1 Religious Education) The children will be exploring Christian symbols and learning about the Christian Easter Story.