Tue Nov 12 2019

Class 2 Spring 2019 Topics

 Dear Parent/ Carer,

 I would like to take this opportunity to let you know what topics Class 2 will be covering throughout the Spring Term 2019.
 Literacy: For the first half-term we will be looking at Traditional Stories so if you have any Traditional Stories at home that you would like the children to bring in to share, that would be wonderful. After the half –term break we will be writing non-fiction information texts based on our science topic of Plants.
Numeracy: The children will be looking at multiplication, specifically arrays, and the inverse operation of division where they will learn about sharing equally into groups. We will then look at Statistics, Geometry and Fractions.  
Science: This term the children will learn about habitats. They will investigate animals and how they are suited to their habitat on a global scale. They will also look at comparing things that are alive, dead or have never been alive. They will look at food chains and how animals obtain their food from plants and other animals.  
Design Technology / Art /Cookery: In DT we will be working with textiles and design and make a t-shirt for a teddy. The focus for art is architecture and the children will design and make a clay tile. Cooking is bread this term and they will investigate different types of bread and make a plaited loaf.
Music: This term the children will be studying the basics of rhythm and how to employ them in to musical pieces. They will also undertake listening tasks and prepare a piece for the Easter concert.
PE: The children will learn the skills for gymnastics for the first half of the term, then after the break when hopefully the weather is a little better, the children will participate in team games developing simple tactics for attacking and defending.  Please remember to remove any earrings on Monday and Tuesday and please, also to include a pair of trainers, jogging bottoms and a P.E. top as they will be outside on the field when the weather allows after the half term break.  We will also be continuing with the Golden Mile Challenge.
 PSHE: This term the children will learn about being a good citizen. 
RE: This term the R.E. the children will learn about salvation through the Easter story.
Geography/History The topic for geography is about features of the local area, looking at compass directions and making a map of the local area. For history the children will look at changes within living memory and investigate events and artefacts from their grandparents’ time.   
Computing: The children will learn about internet safety.  They will also create a photo-montage with photographs they have taken themselves.  
If you have any questions about any of the topics please do not hesitate to come and see me.
 Yours sincerely
Miss Pennock.