Wed Jul 17 2019

Class 2 Summer 2017 topics


Class 2 topics




Dear Parent/ Carer,
 I would like to take this opportunity to let you know what topics Class 2 will be covering throughout the Summer Term.
 Literacy: In literacy the children will be studying Roald Dahl as an author. We will be reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a class so please don’t read it to them, or let them watch the film just yet. We shall also be writing an information text. Our poetry this term will be Silly Stuff  and Poetry Appreciation.  The children will research and look at the poems of a poet.
Numeracy: This term the children will be learning about time, money , fractions, measure and geometry. They will continue to learn the four basic operations and use these for problem solving. We will focus on place value and times tables.
Science: This term the children will learn about Living Things and Habitats in the Local environment. They will differentiate between living and non-living things and do a study of mini-beasts.  
Design Technology / Art: In design technology they will design and make packaging for the Teddy’s T-shirt they made in the spring term. In art they will look at patterns in nature and create artworks from their collections.
 Music: The children will be exploring pulse and rhythm. The will also be learning the songs for the Downham Cluster Music Festival. The theme for this year is Animals.
PE: The children will learn the skills to participate in net and wall games for the first half of the term. The second half of the term is dedicated to athletics. Please remember to remove any earrings on Monday and Friday and also to include a pair of trainers as they will be outside on the field when the weather allows.
 PSHE: The children will learn the importance of a being a good citizen and will have the opportunity to do Show and tell relating to this.  In addition they will participate in the Legacy Challenge and will do an assortment of challenges relating to health, fitness and adventure.
RE: This term is dedicated to learning about Judaism. They will learn about Jewish family life and their beliefs including an important celebration.
Geography/History The first half term is dedicated to the Wright Brothers and the history of flight. After half term we will do geography and look at contrasting localities.
Computing: The children will learn about internet safety and the role of Information Technology outside of the school.
If you have any questions about any of the topics please do not hesitate to come and see me.
 Yours sincerely
Miss Pennock.