Wed Sep 18 2019

Class 2 Topics Autumn 2016


Class 2
Dear Parent/ Carer,
I would like to take this opportunity to let you know what topics Class 2 will be covering throughout the Autumn 2016 term.
Literacy: In literacy the children will be learning about stories with familiar settings and stories from different cultures. For non-fiction texts they will be doing instructional writing and in addition they will write poetry based around Christmas celebrations.
Numeracy: This term the children will be looking at basic number and learning some mathematical vocabulary. Basic counting, addition, subtraction and place value will be the main teaching this term. They will learn about shapes and their properties. They will continue to work using concrete resources and be encouraged to use representations in their work before moving on to more abstract and mental methods for their calculations.  
Science:  The focus this term is on living things where the children will learn about animals and habitats around the world and also look at micro habitats in the local environment.
Art: During the year the children will find out about Brigit Riley. They will learn colour mixing, exploring how to create different colours using watercolour paints.
Design technology/ Cookery The children will learn about mechanisms. They will design and create a roly-poly toy. In cookery they will learn about eggs as a good food source and they will cook scrambled eggs.
Music: This terms theme is exploring sound where they will investigate sounds of instruments from around the world, as well as everyday sounds.
PE: The children will be learn the skills to help them to participate in striking and fielding games including sending and  receiving in a variety of ways.
PSHE: The children will find out about healthy lifestyles, including the importance of a balanced diet and plenty of exercise.
RE:  This term the children will learn about stories from the Old Testament.
History/ Geography: The topic for geography is looking at finding out about the continents and oceans of the world and learning about Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong.
Computing: The children will learn about algorithms and they will also be reminded of how to keep themselves safe online.
Thank you
Miss Pennock