Wed Sep 18 2019

Class 4 Spring Term Topics 2015


Class 4 Topics – Spring Term
Literacy – In literacy we are studying stories from other cultures, stories by significant authors, discussion/argument, persuasive writing and issue based poetry. We will also be preparing for the spelling, grammar and punctuation test. 
Numeracy – In numeracy we will be studying place value, rounding numbers, fractions, decimals and percentages, written methods for multiplication and division, angles, time, interpreting data, coordinates, formulae and prime numbers. Mental maths and times tables will also be key areas of study.
Science – In science we are studying light and electricity.
Design and Technology – In design and technology the children are designing and making their own fairground rides.
Cookery – In cookery lessons the children are making jacket potatoes with different fillings.
Computing – In computing the children will be exploring networking, E-safety and evaluating digital content. The children will also be creating and debugging programs.
History – In history we are studying the Victorians.
Geography – In geography we are carrying out a study on North America.
Art and Design – In art and design the children will be working with textiles and looking at William Morris as an inspiration for their designs. They will also continue to study the artist Sir Anthony Gormley.
PE – In PE the children are participating in gymnastics and swimming.  
Music – In music we are exploring singing in rounds.    
RE – In RE our focus is Sikhism.
PSHE – In PSHE our topic is citizenship. 
French – In French we are focusing on telling the time, weather, numbers 40-200, sports and pastimes, school subjects and likes/dislikes. The children will also continue to converse with a French pen pal.