Mon Jul 22 2019

Class 4 Topics - Autumn Term 2014


Class 4 Topics – Autumn Term
Literacy – In literacy we are studying film narrative, instructions, explanations, poetic style, war poetry and short stories.
Numeracy – In numeracy we are studying place value, rounding, Roman numerals, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, area, perimeter, doubling and halving, decimal numbers, 2D and 3D shapes and data handling. Mental maths and times tables will also be key areas of study.
Science – In science we are studying the heart and lungs, circulation, blood, keeping healthy, evolution and inheritance.
Design and Technology – In design and technology the children are designing and making their own shelters.
Cookery – In cookery lessons the children are making cordials/milkshakes.
Computing – In computing the topics we are exploring are computer science and writing programs.
History – In history we are studying crime and punishment throughout the ages.
Geography – In geography we are carrying out a study on South America.
Art and Design – In art and design the children are arranging objects to create a still life painting. They will also be studying the artist Sir Anthony Gormley.
PE – In PE the children are participating in invasion games and dance. 
Music – In music we are exploring rhythm and pulse through cyclic patterns.    
RE – In RE our focus is Christianity.
PSHE – In PSHE our topic is respecting differences. 
French – In French we are focussing on basic greetings, how to carry out short conversations, numbers, animals, towns in France, places in town, directions, school and classroom objects The children will also converse with a French pen pal.