Wed Jul 17 2019

Class 4 War Poetry

In class 4 we have been studying a unit on war poetry in our literacy lessons. We thought about what it would be like to be a soldier in WW1 and wrote descriptive poems entitled 'The Soldier'. We also wrote remembrance poems to show our respect to all those who have died in conflict. Here are some examples of our poems:


A single crimson poppy stands with pride,
A golden medal shines with courage,
A soldier lies beneath the ground that fought with bravery,
A bullet that once exploded into thousands of tiny pieces,
A shout of help that nobody reached,
Think of the soldiers, their sacrifice so dear,
And remember, now and always.
Lily B
Remember, remember the poppies that grow
The poppies are red, red
Like the blood of the soldiers
We wear the poppies
A symbol of remembrance
The sacrifice that they made
The bravery and courage
That they so honourably gave.
Remember, remember the freedom the soldiers gave us today
The poppies lay in Flanders fields
Where countless soldiers died
And gave up their lives.
Today we remember the soldiers
That we once loved so dearly
We must remember
They are our heroes and our saviours.
Wear our poppies with pride
To show our appreciation.





Remember   remember
The 11th of November
The soldiers once died for us
Although now they lay
In poppy fields all day.
Remember remember 
The 11th of November
Your heroes lay underground
Up above the poppies are bright crimson
Glimmering in the morning light.
Remember remember
The 11th of November
Wear your poppy with pride
Remember when the war stopped
When peace fell over the countries
We should never forget this day.