Wed Sep 18 2019

Ely Cathedral 2014 Trip


My Trip to Ely
When we went to Ely Cathedral it was on Wednesday 15th October. I was a bit scared but it turned out okay. At Ely Cathedral there were lots of prayers. Also we did some shadings after lunch. At Ely Cathedral there were lots of stain glass windows and the Octagon. The story of St. Ethledreda was even at Ely Cathedral. At Ely Cathedral we did some songs and Reece went up to get a candle. Also there were lots of schools but one of the schools did not come. There was a Bishop and St Edmund. We heard about strange ways to cure people.
By Sophia Dibble, Year 3
My Trip to Ely Cathedral
On Wednesday the 15th of October Class 3 went to Ely Cathedral. When we arrived we could all see how big it was. It was humungous, the door was as tall as a wall but it had a smaller door in the massive one. I looked up and saw lots of lovely stain glass windows. I wondered if we were going to explore everywhere but we didn’t. We each got a clipboard and we could draw things we saw. We also could get other school children’s signatures, like Hilgay.
Our school sat right at the end where it had a letter A. Every school had a letter so on our clipboards the signatures had a letter next to them so you knew which school you had and which school you didn’t have. I was so glad I brought my cushion, the floor was freezing.
Mr Bonham took us in groups to see the Octagon with a star in the middle with 16 sides. We came back and we all went in what group we were in. I was in Red with Mrs Miller, we took part in the play St. Edmund, who is the Saint of East of Anglia.
Then we came back and had lunch. After lunch me and Maisie went to get signatures. We nearly got all of them but not quite, some people were nice and offered, other people just went “what is yours?” and then walked off.
By Lauren Pike, Year 4