Wed Sep 18 2019

KS1 Intra School Multi Skills Festival 2016


Key Stage 1 intra school multi-skills festival.
Thurdsay 24th March 2016
The children from Key Stage 1 took part in a P.E. challenge. All the children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 were put in mixed teams for a variety of activities requiring them to demonstrate different skills.
There was a bean bag throwing competition, a treasure hunt, a dribbling challenge, a ladder run and a ball rolling event. Each event was scored by Year 6 pupils who helped to organise the afternoon and also supported the children with the activities.
At the end of the event the scores were totalled and a winning team was announced. 
Everyone who took part in the event was given a certificate.
The afternoon was a great success and the children enjoyed showing the skills they have been learning during P.E. lessons.