Wed Sep 18 2019

Musuem of Zoology Visit

Cambridge University Zoology Museum Visit
On the 1st of December 2015 we received a special visit from Cambridge University's Museum of Zoology. The visit aimed to help us to learn about evolution. We learnt a lot about fossils and how animals have changed over time.
First we were given a range of sponges, fossils and other items and we had to sort them into piles of animals and not animals. There were 2 types of sponges - your everyday washing up sponge and then a sea sponge. Most people thought the sponges were not animals but the only one that wasn't an animal was the washing up sponge.
Then we looked at a slideshow which showed many different forms of animal. In some of the shells there were pearls forming and there were lots of shiny shells with patterns in them where animals had been living.
Next, we were given a selection of bones to classify into head, chest, ribs, legs and feet. The bones were all from animals that live today, including the skulls of cats, dogs, rabbits and turtles. The bones of birds were particularly delicate.
We had a very exciting morning and all enjoyed the experience. The whole class are very thankful for the opportunity.
Written by Jessica and Will