Wed Sep 18 2019

Summer 2014 Topics


Class 3 Topics – Summer Term
Literacy – In literacy we are studying non-fiction texts linked to our history topic, stories from other cultures and exploring different styles of poetry. Grammar and punctuation work is a key focus. Our guided reading sessions, handwriting and weekly spellings will continue.
Numeracy – In numeracy we will continue to develop our methods of calculation and our understanding of the number system. We will work towards meeting our fractions targets and we will explore a range of polygons and polyhedra. Mental maths and times tables challenges will also continue.
Science – In science our topics are healthy plants and light and shadows.
Design and Technology – In design and technology the children are will be making moving structures. 
ICT – In ICT we will be creating branching databases then we will be using the tools in Excel to create bar and pie charts.
History – In history we are studying the ancient Egyptian civilisation.
Geography – In geography we will be considering the issue of clean and sustainable water supplies and also the environmental issues caused by projects such as the Aswan Dam. 
Art and Design – In art and design the children are exploring journeys with the Nile as a theme.
PE – In PE the children are participating in athletics and then net and wall games. This year the local Area Sports event will take place before our sports day. Children representing the school in the Area Sports event will be chosen on the basis of their ability demonstrated in the athletics lessons.
Music – In music we are exploring percussion instruments.
RE – In RE our focus is Islam.
PSHE – In PSHE we will finalise our targets for Be The Best You Can Be and we will be studying our personal qualities and our role as citizens in caring for the community.
Spanish– In Spanish we are learning special dates, how to talk about our pets and also to talk about our brothers and sisters.