Tue Nov 12 2019

Topics Summer 2016


Dear Parent/ Carer,
I would like to take this opportunity to let you know what topics Class 2 will be covering throughout the summer term.
Literacy: In literacy the children will be learning and writing non-fiction texts. Linking with their science topic, they will write an explanation text about how seeds grow into flowers. After the half term break they will be looking at poetry and stories with a familiar setting.
Numeracy: This term the children will be looking at basic number and learning some mathematical vocabulary. They will learn about shapes and their properties, data handling, fractions and the four calculation strategies and use these to solve problems. They will continue to work using concrete resources and be encouraged to use representations in their work before moving on to more abstract and mental methods for their calculations.  
Science:  The first topic this term is Plants. The children will plant sunflower seeds and monitor them as they, hopefully, grow into tall sunflowers.  After half term we shall continue our investigation into seasonal change as we move from spring to summer.
Art: The children will design and make their own photo frame. After they have finished they will evaluate their work. 
Design technology/ Cookery The topic this term is fruit and vegetables. A member of the Norfolk Norse team will come and talk to the children about the topic and they will make a dish using vegetables with Miss Cronin.
Music: This terms music is all about tempo and dynamics. The music festival will be in June which the children attend every year. The theme this year is Around the World. Mr Lawrence will work with the children and compose a song for them for the event.  
PE: The children will be learning skills to help them to participate in net and wall games before half term. After half term the time will be dedicated to athletics in preparation for sports day.  
PSHE: We shall be continuing the theme of relationships and talking about families and friendships.
RE:  This term is the children will learn about the Judaism, in particular the stories of Moses from the Old Testament.
History/ Geography: The topic for geography is looking at physical and human features in the local environment and in history we will be studying the cultural history of the fens.
Computing: The topic this term is digital literacy.