Fri Dec 6 2019

What Am I?


In Class 1 the children have been writing ‘What Am I?’ riddles. Can you guess the animal?
I am green like the grass.
I am small like a mole
I am cute like a cat.
I swim like a fish.
I swim in the pond like a toad.
What am I?
By Sam Goulding
I am green like the grass.
I am long like a bus.
I am snappy like a piranha eating a lion.
I am wild like a wild hyena chasing a lion.
I live in the river like a hippopotamus swimming.
What am I?
By Kieran Khattra
I am yellow like the sun shining on a sunny day.
I am big like a tiger.
I am wild like a hissing snake.
I am fast like a cat chasing a mouse.
I live in Africa on the grass.
What am I?
By Thomas Hewitt
I am brown like a fish cake.
I am tall like a tree.
I am long neck like a lorry.
I am slow like a tortoise carrying it’s heavy house.
What am I?
By Kieron Watts
I am grey like a piece of clay.
I am wide like a bouncy castle.
I am friendly like a butterfly resting on a hand.
I am heavy like a house.
I live in the lake like a crocodile.
What am I?
By Ralph Elwin
I am pink like a heart.
I am tall like an ostrich.
I am fast as my dad.
I have a long neck like a tree.
I feed like a hungry frog eating bugs from the water.
What am I?
By Sophie Hurrell
I am as grey as a rain cloud.
I am as big as a big garden.
I am as heavy as a van.
I am as slow as a tortoise.
I live in the jungle.
What am I?
By Harvey Nimako