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National Space Centre Visit - Class 4 2019

On Monday 18th November 2019, children from Class 4 travelled to the National Space Centre in Leicester to further their understanding of their current science topic ‘Earth and Space’.

Although the journey there was quite long, the children were a credit to the school.  On arrival, the Class split into two groups and headed off to explore the different galleries, their interactive displays, games and shows.  Rocket Tower told the story of the race between the Soviet Union and the United States of America to launch  a person into space and then to land on the Moon. The downstairs galleries included ‘Space Travel’, ‘The Universe and the Big Bang’, ‘Outer Space’, ‘The Solar System’, ‘Earth and Moon’ and ‘Tranquility Base Astronaut Training’.

The two groups rejoined for lunch and the ‘Astonaut’ show in the Planetarium. This was the highlight for most children. It really did feel as though they were training as astronauts and were experiencing the unusual effects of being in space. Many had to look away when the centrifuge was spinning as it was so realistic and stomach churning.

The children had a fantastic time and some have already said they want to convince their parents to take them back again.

Our thanks go to the staff at the National Space Centre and Mrs Chilvers for organising our visit so well and to the Friends of the School for covering the transport costs. Many thanks also to Miss Waters, Mrs Flack, Mrs Mills and Mrs Collins  who kindly gave up their time to allow the children to have this excellent opportunity.